Chocolate Fisheye Skirt Panel


Make a wrap skirt from pre-printed Shweshwe panels.

10 panels – up to 36″ waist
12 panels – 36″ to 38″ waist
14 panels – 38″ to 40″ waist
16 panels – 40″ to 42″ waist

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In tribal customs, a bride (makoti) wears the skirt to show her married status.  The skirts have crossed into mainstream fashion in South Africa and it is regarded as a token of acceptance and equality to wear a makoti skirt if you do not belong to an African ethnic group.

  • Choose the number of panels for your size
  • Wash the fabric, dry and iron
  • Cut along the dotted lines between panels
  • Stitch panels together
  • Add a waistband with a buttonhole


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